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Trans-Fat Tendered Gender Benders

He got the “a white anti-racist” disclaimer in their so he/she/it is good to go with those Black Folk, yeah right. All the other gibberish sounds like Stephen is spouting off what he/she/it was feed as a parrot growing up around two unbalanced individuals during meals free of trans-fats.

Stephen is just all so Bitchy about what Chaz is doing. Like “Who does he/she/it think he/she/it is? Bitch! Bitch (sobbing, slobbing and slobbering here), Fucking Bitch! He/she/it (Chaz-Raz-Ma-Taz) doeas not represent us Fucked Up people, my people (demonic baby noises here)”

Stephen is the personification of his deranged parent’s manifestations.

Stephen is possessed by a demon as is the case with any and all supposedly “Transgender/Gay/Whatever” They are the abomination of man “Satan, laughing, spreads his wings”

There are many problems faced by Trans-Fat-Tendered-Gender-Benders, but Old Age is not one of them.

“Btw, pass me some of those ‘Deviled Eggs and Chicken Nuggets, Bitch!” Stephen laughingly says. The proud parents “Ahh… (sigh) Our little pumpkinhead!”


PNP Activist Tool Kit

I didn’t bother to read due to fear of an aneurism, but I’m sure they tell you how to get financing to run your little Propaganda Fruit Stand.

Some Poor Asian Bastard Kid

Written by laughingblogger

July 29, 2010 at 1:58 pm

Say It Ain’t So, Joe the Volcanoe!

The_Papal_BelvedereScientist claims global warming caused by volcanoes, not humans” CO2 is a ‘Gas’ – Volcano Flatulence

This can’t be so! This is some people’s Religion! “Global Warming” “Climate Change”, “Diaper Change” or whatever the “Envrio-Whacko” Flavor of the Month is called. Al “No Debating” Gore has made Millions and needs another Gulf Stream. Don’t worry about what Al Gore is doing, you just keep using 1 sheet of TP, unplug those AC adapters and dry your clothes outside. “Do as I say, not as I do”

The Global Warming fanatics remind me of those Hare Krishna kids who sell crap at Airports and Rock Concerts. You know what you have been drinking or smoking, but WTF were these “True Believers” taking in and where? They were taking in crap that was being feed into their brains by some Fat-Ass Fokker from India.–Politics-Examiner~y2009m11d13-Scientist-claims-global-warming-caused-by-volcanoes-not-humans