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Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

I can see that if you know anything about Lincoln and his Dark Side. The guy playing Lincoln sounds like Johnny Cash. Now that would be a dream team! Abraham Lincoln and Johnny Cash: The Men In Black – Up Against The Wall You Blood Sucking Mother Fokkers! I hate Vampires and their is nothing Sexy about Vampires. Vampires are the Illuminati. They get addicted to the adrenaline released into the blood of the victim when they are struck with terror. BLOODLINES OF THE ILLUMINATI

Take out some of those whiny emo kids, gothchild’s and wannbe vampiric chillins.


Written by laughingblogger

February 20, 2012 at 1:13 am

Trans-Fat Tendered Gender Benders

He got the “a white anti-racist” disclaimer in their so he/she/it is good to go with those Black Folk, yeah right. All the other gibberish sounds like Stephen is spouting off what he/she/it was feed as a parrot growing up around two unbalanced individuals during meals free of trans-fats.

Stephen is just all so Bitchy about what Chaz is doing. Like “Who does he/she/it think he/she/it is? Bitch! Bitch (sobbing, slobbing and slobbering here), Fucking Bitch! He/she/it (Chaz-Raz-Ma-Taz) doeas not represent us Fucked Up people, my people (demonic baby noises here)”

Stephen is the personification of his deranged parent’s manifestations.

Stephen is possessed by a demon as is the case with any and all supposedly “Transgender/Gay/Whatever” They are the abomination of man “Satan, laughing, spreads his wings”

There are many problems faced by Trans-Fat-Tendered-Gender-Benders, but Old Age is not one of them.

“Btw, pass me some of those ‘Deviled Eggs and Chicken Nuggets, Bitch!” Stephen laughingly says. The proud parents “Ahh… (sigh) Our little pumpkinhead!”

Drunk As A Kennedy, Spend Money Like A Kennedy

I hereby Cut all references to “Sailors” and have Pasted “Kennedy”. Pasted and plastered suit Kennedy’s, IMMFHO.

A Kennedy never drinks, But if he does drink,

he never gets drunk, But if he does get drunk,

he never stumbles, but if he does stumble,

he never falls, but If he does fall,

he’ll fall in such a wayThat all passers-by will mistake him for a Human Being.

– The End –

Next little ditty I’m working on goes like this:

A Kennedy never spends money, but if he does spend money,

he spends other peoples (OPP) money , the Taxpayers!

Written by laughingblogger

May 21, 2010 at 12:40 pm

Who Do You Think Should Win the Whale Wars?

The Whale Huggers are a danger to everyone involved. They’re going to get someone killed or be killed. They should learn from the Masters, Al Gore and the Oracle of Obama, Oprah. Start a Lie, a Whale of a Lie. Tell it frequently and often. Use Tax Payer Funded Media Outlets like C-SPAN, PBS, NEA, SEIU, GM, Big Pharma and NPR. Get the sympathetic ear of a pathetic Politician in Washerton, District of Colonus. They in turn will get a Latina from the Bar Stool of La Corte Suprema de Cantina to make it Fiat Law, no mas ¡problemo!

Written by laughingblogger

January 11, 2010 at 10:44 am

Africa bishops speak of Obama in religious terms

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October 7, 2009 at 2:39 pm

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