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African-American Justice

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Maurice Clemmons was aided by family and friends. Like that’s NEWS! Most Blacks hate anything and everything White. The Laws of America are considered White. You know “Dead Old White Men”.

It’s amazing that a Black person’s act of raping a child, robbing, physically assaulting and Murdering people doesn’t seem to faze his Aiders and Abettors. They, after all, were White people and deserve to DIE or had it coming!

You’ll hear of horrendous crimes and atrocities being committed, but the victim will be scapegoated in Court. The monster will not even acknowledge the victim’s family in Court. You’ll hear how his Mother used ‘Crack’ and how he was abused as a result. He’ll look over at his Mother and lip “I wuv you Mommy”

Oh poor Maurice! Those Cops had it coming! The filthy Lawyer will exploit this to the Jury.

Written by laughingblogger

January 7, 2012 at 10:33 am

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