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Utopia Is For Udopia’s

Ever heard of the “Little Ice Age”? It is a natural cycle that is most likely based on the Sun’s activity.

New Age, Global Warming, save the Whales, Jihadists they’re all the same. All are wacked out on drugs and expecting Utopia, but they are getting Udopia instead.


Darwin, G_D and Obama

Recently I have had to nurse a “Bum Knee”. I over-stressed it or something, but it hurt like a MFSOB! It’s amazing what some of those Heat Wraps and a few Aleve (Gel Caps) can do. Not bad considering Sunday I was totally immobile and pretty much an invalid. Of course the last Heat Pad is due to come off and then on to the Knee Brace. I could have gone to a Doctor to get poked, prodded and probed and spent a bunch of money on some schmucks bad GOLF Game. In the future under Obamacare I might be considered an Outlaw for Self-Diagnosis’s and Self-Treatment. I have United Healthcare PPO through work, I’m Retired Military (Space Available) and can go to any VA Hospital (last resort, HHM). Those are just in case I go missing some digits or extremities. Otherwise I prefer to take care of myself. When it’s time to go, I want to go. I don’t want to be kept alive as a source of Tax Revenue. The Federal Government values your body for enumeration. They will prevent you from dying of Natural Causes in order to keep you Medicated on Fed Meds like a Zombie or Changeling. So much so, that they turn you into an Abomination of a Human Being. Kind of like in the movie the Matrix, a 1.5 Volt “D” Cell Battery. Except you are a Tax Battery!

I’m a True Darwinist and Survivalist of the Fittest. Nation Healthcare in any form is cheating and goes against the system supported by Evolutionists. Anyone supporting Nation Healthcare and believes solely in Evolutionary Theory over Creationism is not being honest with themselves. Common Ground would therefore and should be, “Intelligent Design”

Written by laughingblogger

January 6, 2010 at 11:31 pm

Say It Ain’t So, Joe the Volcanoe!

The_Papal_BelvedereScientist claims global warming caused by volcanoes, not humans” CO2 is a ‘Gas’ – Volcano Flatulence

This can’t be so! This is some people’s Religion! “Global Warming” “Climate Change”, “Diaper Change” or whatever the “Envrio-Whacko” Flavor of the Month is called. Al “No Debating” Gore has made Millions and needs another Gulf Stream. Don’t worry about what Al Gore is doing, you just keep using 1 sheet of TP, unplug those AC adapters and dry your clothes outside. “Do as I say, not as I do”

The Global Warming fanatics remind me of those Hare Krishna kids who sell crap at Airports and Rock Concerts. You know what you have been drinking or smoking, but WTF were these “True Believers” taking in and where? They were taking in crap that was being feed into their brains by some Fat-Ass Fokker from India.–Politics-Examiner~y2009m11d13-Scientist-claims-global-warming-caused-by-volcanoes-not-humans