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The Hopes Of A Grass Roots Ground Swell Becomes A Tsunami On A Sea Of Change!

“Ladies & Gentlemen! Let me introduce the Long Island & Texas Tea Parties to some new members, The Whiskey Rebels!”

Written by laughingblogger

June 25, 2010 at 9:35 am

Cleopatra Was Not A Charlatan From Ft. Lauderdale

Cleopatra would have traced herself to Ptolemy I Soter. She was the result of her Father and his Sister (Her Mother and Aunt). Cleopatra was married to 2 of her own Brothers. Aristocrats and Royalty inter-married, you know, inbreed. Her lineage is documented as Greek from Macedonian stock.

The person in question is her Grandmother. Her Grandfather had a child with a person of unknown lineage. Royalty did and still does not allow children from outside the bloodline, in this case Greek Macedonian, to be in any line of succession.

 That is why they did the whole inbreeding thing. If Cleopatra was of inferior stock then it would have been noted as it always was and Cleopatra would never get her face on a coin much less her butt on a throne.

Alexander the Great ran the Persians out Egypt and Ptolemy I Soter became its ruler after Alexander’s death. The Persians had broken the Egyptian line of rule. The Egyptians bloodline up to the time of the Persian invasion had been getting polluted with the blood of other races from slaves. The Egyptians were on their last leg and were easy pickings for the well organized Persians.

Remember though, Cleopatra’s family was not Egyptian. Calling them that would have been tantamount to calling them a bunch of, you know, Negroes.

At most, but highly unlikely, Cleopatra would had been ¼ Black, but kind of Black?

I suppose Shirea Carroll is using the racist “One Drop” rule. Why do a people who were segregated by the use of that rule previously embrace it now?

Sadly this is all a result of Afro-Centrist revisionist Herstory. You there might have been a reason Moses was kept the Jews in the desert/wilderness for 40 years. Breeding out the “Slave” mentality could have been one of them. Descendants of slaves in America today are called African-American, not to be confused with African. Obama is of African descent, specifically Kenyan, but he is not an African-American since his ancestors were not slaves.

Maybe African-Americans will wake up and walk away from the “Race Hustlers” like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Oprah Winfried and seek out the leaders in the African-American Community that can act as their “Moses”. Africans went back to Africa prior to the War Between the States (Civil War), after the that Some freed slaves went back to Africa, but many stayed behind stayed in America. Some getting no more than 40 acres I am sure the choicest soil, sic and a Mule, but many getting nothing.

The Race Hustlers do not want African-Americans to cleanse themselves of their hate for Whites and shed the “Slave” mentality. Bid’ness be good!

Remember also, there were Blacks who owned slaves. Although the percentage is very small the fact is other Blacks owned Blacks. In cases were slaves overthrew there oppressors they enslaved their fellow Blacks who they thought were too cozy with the Master. I sure there was some animosity between the Field Slaves and the House Slaves regardless where Blacks where.

The original freed slaves of America never had a chance to make their journey through the desert to the Promised Land mainly because no one told them there was one to go to and much less a Moses to take them there.

Maybe African-Americans need to have Mini-Journeys with Modern Moses on days like Martin Luther King Jr. day and Juneteenth. Reflect back, educate, heal and finally, move forward. The first step is the hardest and has to be done a group in unison with one thought of becoming Americans. After all, some, not all, hate me because I look White.

I trace my bloodline back to Oslo, Norway to the Normans to the English to the Norman-Irish/Scot-Irish/Irish to Jamestown to probably Melungeons. My ancestor that came to Jamestown did so with 8 of his brothers from Ireland. I am part Irish, Scottish, German, Indian, African, Welsh, Scot-Irish, English, French and Scandinavian, but I consider myself American. I do like to kick up my heels with some Scot-Irish based Hill Billy music though. Top o’ tha morning to ya!

No don’t force buss me, try to rewrite America’s History, shove Affirmative Action down us White looking folks throats nor try to get me to Love somebody of a different race based solely on race. I don’t even like most White people. In fact I pretty much don’t like too many people and even fewer than I can stand being around or talking to and none are based on race. It is based on who rubs me the wrong way and/or gets on my nerves by trying to get up in my Bid’ness or bust my chops to get me upset with their attempts to demean me.

Remember these are America’s Blacks. Don’t have some “Johnny Come Lately” from some Island or from a nation off the Continent of Africa work this Minority thing. If they come from another Country they don’t get Minority status and no “Minority Anchor Babies” either! Most Blacks from other countries are from the majority race, but come here and work the system. All they are doing is diluting African-American’s franchise. Just because they look “Black” does not mean they are your Brother or Sister. Your Brother or Sister is the one who offers you their hand not the one stepping over everyone’s head to get to the head of the line.

I’m willing to operate within a system where all Americans come together to help “Our Blacks” through a process leading to the emergence of something they can and only they can call their own. Maybe after their journey they might refer to themselves still as African-Americans or maybe they might call themselves Americans of African ancestry who happen to look Black.

First thing need a/some Moses(s) and some Healers.

To the Race Hustler’s I could be the most dangerous person in America!

Deepwater Horizon Becomes Event Horizon

Lindsey Williams was on Coast To Coast AM this morning with Ian Punnett and brought up a good point. BP drilled a “Super Well”. The Russians drill “Super Wells”, but they do it on land.

The “Well Head Pressure” for Deepwater Horizon has never been mentioned. That typically is always stated in a situation like this. The Well Head Pressure is supposedly greater than current technology is able to handle.

Get it? The pressure at the Well Head is 20,000 to 70,000 (questimated) PSI, but your valve and pipes are only designed for 15,000 PSI!

Have a leak on the side of a car tire? The typical tire pressure is around 35 PSI. You probably could, but not advisable, temporarily to stop it with by holding some gum against it.

Now multiply that by a factor 500 to 2000! Forgetta bout’ it and forgetta bout’ breaking out the “Fix-A-Leak”!

Now we could have leaks from fissures in the Earth’s mantle that have been created due to this leak. Supposedly there is a well that has been leaking for the last 6 years!

Surprised you have not heard any of this on the Alphabet channels or CNN, FOX, MSNBC or other cable networks?

I hear there is Private Waggenhut Security Guards down on areas of the Gulf coast preventing people from taking photos of the dead animals, birds, fish and the oil washing up on the shore.

Look up “Abiotic Oil”. It comes from deep with the Earth and is created by a chemical process not an organic decomposition of dead weeds and Dino.

It is too far down, like thousands and thousands of feet, below the Fossil Record.

The well that is question is the Deepwater Horizon. The drilling rig was 5,000 feet above the floor of the Gulf. Now BP drilled 20,000 to 30,000 feet below that! That means possibly 25,000 to 35,000 feet!

Ever been in a Truck hauling fuel? I have and you can feel that fluid as it shifts around. A smart driver will know how to compensate with speed and steering to counter the effects of the continually changing Center of Gravity (CG).

Not only does this have the potential to reap havoc on the environment, but also it could change the spin axis of the Earth.

I think there was a book called “Earth in the Balance”. Written by a man who trust was funded by proceeds his father made in the Oil business. Hmm…

This Deepwater Horizon well could be leaking for eternity. Maybe they should rename it “Event Horizon”, hmm?

Time for the “Nuclear Option”?

This is all Jimmy Carters fault, BTW!

Written by laughingblogger

June 14, 2010 at 3:48 am

Death Of The American Company II

Six Sigma, Lean, TOS, Green Belt, Black Belt Master, Flavor of the Month.

All stifle creativity and innovation.

Why take adopt a System of Management from a past competing Country that has been in a recession for the last 20 years?

Brought down to the worker level it demeans, belittles and demoralizes individuals, pits groups and individuals against each other. These Systems destroy Esprit de Corps (not esprit de corpse, Obama).

Oh, the slow Death march of American companies down the road to Socialism.

Written by laughingblogger

June 14, 2010 at 1:56 am