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Catholics Help Spread Medical, Societal And Political Diseases

Going to the Emergency Room or a stay in ICU could kill you. Go in for chest pains and die from MRSA.

That hand sanitizer just doesn’t do the trick like Old Fashion Soap and Water. Yet the last time I was in an ICU dispensers were in every room and was just being used in place of washing hands by all the Staff I observed.

There was a family camped out in the Visitors Lounge and had taken it over. Looked like a bunch of Latinos. I was waiting for them to tell me that this was their Home now or slaughter a calf in Montezuma’s name. Probably Illegal Aliens from some Turd World South American Nation. They are a good source for these Viruses and infections.

Unscreened people coming into America bringing their disease into out Hospitals, Schools, Malls, Government Buildings, Places of Worship, etc.

You can thank Special Interest Race Based Groups and Churches, specifically the Fokking Catholic Church for this mess!

Written by laughingblogger

May 29, 2010 at 4:38 pm

Drunk As A Kennedy, Spend Money Like A Kennedy

I hereby Cut all references to “Sailors” and have Pasted “Kennedy”. Pasted and plastered suit Kennedy’s, IMMFHO.

A Kennedy never drinks, But if he does drink,

he never gets drunk, But if he does get drunk,

he never stumbles, but if he does stumble,

he never falls, but If he does fall,

he’ll fall in such a wayThat all passers-by will mistake him for a Human Being.

– The End –

Next little ditty I’m working on goes like this:

A Kennedy never spends money, but if he does spend money,

he spends other peoples (OPP) money , the Taxpayers!

Written by laughingblogger

May 21, 2010 at 12:40 pm

Affirmative Action Is Like A Box Of Chocolate

So we got the new “Karate Kid” movie out. Stars Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. Now why Jaden Smith? Well that’s Will Smith’s Son!

Will Smith himself is a likeable person for the most part, but he hasn’t displayed Acting Talents of a Super Star. Then again what makes a Super Star?

Being a Super Star is not saying anything about an Actors ability to convey something through his Art as a Thespian. Remember All Adult Actors are referred to as a “Porn Star”. The value of the word “Star” was diluted with a key stroke or stroke of a pen or some kind of stroke.

Now ever since the beginning of children of Movies Stars becoming Actors to follow in the craft of their parent(s) there has been a percieved problem of Nepotism. Some have used their real family names to avoid such talk and/or have purposely requested small parts to hone their skills. Others of lesser character opt for the Fast Track, which can make them a Shooting Star with a Life Span to match.

Now back to Will Smith…Ever since the 70’s Black Actors were starting to be foisted upon American Society in Film, Stage and Television. Now there were some mixing of the Races at the Movie Theater, but not at home. No, because a Man’s home is his Castle and that would have been perceived as a Home Invasion by some folks.

Call it Racist, Bigoted or Xenophobic it doesn’t matter. It’s like A good review versus a bad review, but nothing is worse than no review.

We, Us Americans or some that will speak for them feel inundate with Actors of a different stripe thrown at us and stuffed down our throats. You got Will Smith, Wesley Snipes, Danny Glover and some other guy who doesn’t come to mind right now. Now the guy who I can’t remember has at least played a Bad Guy in a movie. The other 3 always have to be the Protagonist, but come off more like a False Protagonist.

We have Ellen Degeneres foisted upon us for some unknown, but I know reason. American Express commercials, Judge on some show and all over the Internet. I mean it reminds me of the days leading up to a big Rock Band coming to town with all the airplay of the Band’s music on the Radio Station. I actually remember hearing someone calling into a Station and stated just that “Dude! Nuff with tha Elton John music already!”

So we will now have the Son of a False Actor foisted upon us.

Now you my ask yourself ” Is this my beautiful House and is this my beautiful Wife?” and the answer is No because it was made by the EEOC Branch in Hollywood. You my ask yourself “How does this tie in with Affirmative Action?” but to explain it would make for a bad joke.

The Black population of the United States is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get.

I wonder how Bruce Willis would have done as the Teacher? Would he be able to call or refer to the “Kid” as a boy? If he did would the “Karate Kid” say “Whatchoo talkin’ bout Willis?”