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Haitian Orphans and the “N” Word

So where is all the Self Righteous Race Hustlers? What about the children in the Orphanage that were going to die? Where is Jesse “Hi-5” Jackson, Al “Freddie’s Fashion Mart” Sharpton, Oracle Winfrey and all the “Rich-Money Off-Dumb Ass White People” at with the orphans. I didn’t see any stories about how any African-American/Black/Negro/ couples were trying desperately to get the children they had adopted out of Haiti! I’m going to quit before I use the “N” Word, Niggardly. Why are African-Americans so cheap with their money? They get put into power and they’ll spend The People’s money that was taking based on a threat of prosecution so easily?


Written by laughingblogger

January 25, 2010 at 9:09 pm

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