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Windows Vista SUX! My First Encounter

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I was pretty excited about this PC I got from IBM. It’s used, but a Dual-Processor which I have needing to run certain music and video recording programs.

Then I powered it up. I was at a total loss for words. I felt like a Stranger in a Strange Land. I’m changing everything I can to a “Windows Classic” view. A view that made some sense logically as bad as it was. Some functions like exploring your Local Network and Remote Desktop have been made way too convoluted to navigate to. I think this was all done to make Windows easier and more accessible to a greater percentage of the Masses.

Owner Manuals in general are written to be read by someone with an Elementary School Level of Education. Microsoft designed Vista with an Idiot in mind I think. Vista is a Text Book Example of the “Dumbing Down” of America.

PC’s should run with selectable modes, say using the Dreyfus Model (Novice, Advanced beginner, Competent, Proficient and Expert). This would avoid distinction that could possibly make some uncomfortable like idiot, dolt, dullard, addle head, blockhead, bonehead, deadhead, dimwit, dodo, dope, dummy, dunderhead, nincompoop, ninny, nitwit, numbskull, stupid head, thickhead, twit and/or Dumas.

I’ll just remove all the Go Faster, Ground Effects, Bling, Bells, Buzz and Whistles until I get it to run more smoothly.


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