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Death Of American Companies

At work Managers and such at all levels come up with ways to screw us “Rank and File” employees over. They sacrifice our Holidays in the name of saving money. In the end they end up destroying an otherwise Good Company and turning it into a Corporation. Oh, The Bank like the one ran by George Bailey is a “Good Company”.

With all their Gobbledygook College Degrees, Six Sigma, Lean, TOS, Tutti Frutti, Statistical Analyzes, Metric Driven, Behaviors and anything else some Upper Level Manager buys from a Snake Oil Salesman they always go “Low Tech” They lack the actual Creativity to bring new ideas into this Consciousness. They revert to Low Tech ways like a Doctor from 2 Centuries ago would use, “Cut, Burn and Poison”

When Toyota made a tour of several Large American Based Corporations they were most impressed by the Piggly Wiggly Grocer Company, not some auto maker!

Then all those Gobbledygook Program classes you have to attend or take like Diversity Training. How can you train someone to be “Diverse” You can’t, but you can indoctrinate one into a Mind Set for Behavior Control. Political Correctness.

They take from the workers and run to their VP’s and say “Look what I’ve done!”, “Look at the Wonder I have performed!”, “I’m the best in the whole Company”, “Where is my Big Bonus!” and “Look at me, I’m so Great!”

The Upper Management use all those Flavor of the Month programs to use on Stock and Share Holders of the Company. This is while they rape the coffers of the Company until it takes on too much debt and becomes a Corporation. Once you become a Corporation you are on the Slippery Slope to Bankruptcy. Communist and Marxist have been destroying our Companies in America for years through all those Self-Defeating Programs that are implemented under the auspice of saving money and becoming more efficient.

So where have the 12 Days of Christmas gone? I think we have been cheated out! We’re (Christmasphile’s, not necessarily Christian mind you) are down to 2 days, Christmas Day and New Years Day. Dude! WTF?

How can a Corporation use Disciplinary Actions against you? By whose authority? Why do the Federal, State and Local Governments let their constituents be subjugated to some possibly Foreign Entity? They offer you up as Serfs! That’s how and why! Sounds outlandish or outrageous? Think on it and I’ll expound upon it further, Next Year.


Written by laughingblogger

December 25, 2009 at 6:19 pm

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