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It’s Complicated and Other Cliché Movies

It’s Complicated and Other Cliché Movies
“It’s Complicated” is a Relationship Status selection on facebook (FB).
“Complicated” is a four-way with a transsexual, two bisexuals and a midget.

We all know what an “Avatar” is. Typically an Alter Ego or your favorite Pornstar.

Remember “You’ve Got Mail”? That was an AOL thing. Of course, we all know today using AOL is synonymous for being Internet Illiterate.

Formula: Top Billing Actors/Actresses (Oscar or Emmy Winners+$$%%) or Bad A$$ FX. Use new term in the American Lexicon and establish Ownership by Foie Gras Les Idées Politiques Progressistes.


Written by laughingblogger

December 13, 2009 at 3:19 pm

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