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Silent Contempt – Cadets Sending Their Own Message

I saw photos on Yahoo! NEWS with cadets reading “On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and Society” and “Kill Bin Laden”. Barack Whosane Obama’s speech in front of a “Captive Audience” at West Point laden with covert and sublime messages to terrorist, World Governments and Dominoes Pizza. The Cadets were sending their own messages.

The books they were reading were intentional. They were sending a message to Obama. I heard that several fell asleep and were escorted out. I’ve stood at Parade Rest and Attention during Ceremonies, Inspections and speeches while on Active Duty. You have people who lock their knees and pass out. There are normally “Spotters” and Corpsmen staged in that case.

I have heard that the course and workload at our Military Academies are rigorous, tight and in-flexible. It would seem plausible that some cadets would succumb to fatigue. However, one would think a Cadet would be on their best behavior, right? He or she would fight off dozing drawing upon Super-Human Strength you would think? On the other hand, without being “Written Up” for disrespect, falling asleep might have been the Cadets form of a “Silent Protest”.

1894 Army Officer’s Manual: “Enlisted men are stupid, but extremely cunning and sly, and bear considerable watching.”

At about the same time and up to the 1970’s “Silent Contempt” was punishable by a Court Martial.


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December 3, 2009 at 12:02 pm

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