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Frikin’ Chikin’ not Rocket Science

A FB/So Called friend said she was getting some LGD and was going to hang on ‘The Porch’. I’m thinking “Man! I ain’t had any LGD in long MF’ing, sounds like a plan! I can almost taste that Chikin’!”

I get my coupons and Store Locator off LGD’s website. Now in spite of the fact it’s cold and wet outside and that I was pretty dang comfortable being a Bum. Here I go to brave the Elements to satisfy my “Hankerin'”

I go down to LGD to get some Chikin’, you see. It’s Sunday Evening around 6:40something and I’m in there and present my 2 coupons to the lady behind the counter, 16 pieces and 30 wing deals. She looked at them and all seem to be in order. She asked what kind of Chikin’ I wanted and what 4 sides. I told her I wanted Xtra Krispy Chikin’ Mashed Taters, Mac-N-Cheese, Cole Slaw and some Green Beans. She looked in the warmers and said they didn’t have 16 pieces of Xtra Krispy to fill my order.

Nothing against her she was very nice, but I had a fleeting thought about such and dismissed it right off the Bat! I’m thinking there is no MF’ing way they will be out of anything at this time! Wrong! Whose Game Plan is this I’m. What kind of Sunday Night Football, cold and wet outside, people stayin’ in type of prep is this? This is a heck of a way to run a Business!

The Lady asks and someone says it’ll be 17 minutes and asks me if I wanted to wait, I say yes. Then someone else says it’ll be 25 minutes. I go “I thought it was going to be 17 minutes”. Someone behind me in line says “Yep! That’s what they said!” Someone behind the counter says something about why it’s going to take longer, but I didn’t hear a word they said. I had stopped listening at this point since it seemed pointless.

I said no thanks and asked if there was another LGD around, but no one seemed to know. The Lady asked what I wanted to do and I said “Forget about it”. The lady asked if I wanted my coupons back and I said no. She said I might be able to use them at another LGD and me thinking “You couldn’t tell me where another one was. So what would the coupons be good for?” I didn’t want to have to look it up on my PDA.

As I was walking outside, a guy who was an employee, who had been out there when I went in, said “Hey Dog what happen?” Didn’t they have what you wanted?” I said no and got in my Truck. I found a Neighborhood Market and got some Wings and took them Home.

I’m probably better off I suppose. More often than not my Fast Food experiences aren’t much fun anymore…

I can still smell that Chikin’ though!


Written by laughingblogger

November 30, 2009 at 4:45 am

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