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G_D, Guns and the GOP

The GOP needs to be honest and forthcoming in taking inventory and running “Political Spectrum Analysis” on its members. GOP members might not like it and want to veil their Leftist inclinations under the GOP’s Big Top. Let the Sun Shine in and they can decide for themselves whether to stay or go.

The GOP doesn’t need any more Arlen Specter’s or Jim Jeffers’s pulling the “Eject Handle” or buying “Ill Bill of Goods” from the Opposition Party.

The problem seems to be with the GOP in general. Dede Scozzafava is a “Lefty”; last name sounds like a CAPTCHAs phrase and she abandoned ship due to sagging poll numbers. She was not properly vetted most likely. She probably didn’t realize what she was getting into.

The local GOP Leadership would have served its members better by walking into a Cabella’s and choosing any customer at random to run on the Republican ticket.

Candidates need a Back-Bone or grow one. Some charges about candidates are never even challenged. Take the “Racist” charge. It reminds me of “Spectra Evidence” used during the Salem Witch Trials. If a Candidate is charged with such, have the accuser prove it. It can’t be proven that anyone is a Racist since a definitive definition doesn’t exist and it shouldn’t be allowed to be defined by the accuser either. We relinquish way too much Political Power in these unchallenged Public Trials of Candidates that never make it to the “Discovery Phase”. Anybody ever get a definitive definition of “Pornography” I never got one that satisfied my Intellect.

Remember when Trent Lott was accused of being a Racist for saying something nice about some Old White Dude? Fokk that! He acted like a Biaotch and ain’t been the same since. After he had to publicly kiss the A$$ of some Black Folks, resigned from the Senate and now selling his wares in the Halls of Congress as a Lobbyist.

Class over, you have been Skool’d…


Written by laughingblogger

November 7, 2009 at 4:16 pm

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