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Abu Askar

“Abu Askar the German”? So his family moved to Germany? So they probably lived off Public Assistance like they do in England and other Leftist-Socialist-Terrorist-Cuddling countries? Grew up to cause trouble on foreign soil? Will probably run back to Germany or some Middle Eastern Terror Sponsoring country to hide out? Funds need to be cut off that’s for sure. Any Safe Haven for these Untermenschen should be blocked also. What we have been fighting is a War where the enemy has been using ‘Skirmish” Tactics. The approach to fighting these subhumans was with a view that they are “Insurgents”. They are actually more like a “Tidal Surge” continually advancing physically into Iraq and Afghanistan and retreating into their Safe Havens. While on the lame they are using sympathetic Politicians and the Left-Streaming Media for feigning while they reorganize.


Written by laughingblogger

October 10, 2009 at 1:56 pm

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