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ICE, ICE BABY! ICE ACCESS 287(g) Program

From ICE’s Homepage:
‘Protecting national security by enforcing our nation’s customs and immigration laws’

Okay let me get this straight! Any Local Police Department will call the Secret Service when Counterfeit Money has been suspected of being passed off. Is there Special Training required? Is there a Partnership between the Secret Service and the Local Police Department?

Now producing and trying to distribute Counterfeit money is a crime. Isn’t trying to pass oneself off as a US Citizen a form of Counterfeiting if one is in the US illegally? An Illegal Alien would be trying to pass their self off as a Legal Citizen entitled to receive all monies, entitlements and benefits afforded to a Bona Fide Citizen by means of deception, criminal acts and committing perjury on applications for Public Assistance. Those Government Employees whether at the Local, State or Federal Level would be in collusion with said individuals if knowingly they willfully assist in the preparation of applications and imparting of work-around or ways of circumventing Laws, Rules and/or regulations to obtain such services Illegally.


Written by laughingblogger

October 3, 2009 at 6:03 am

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