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Vaccine Shots and Forced Flu Shots

I used to be a ‘First Responder” at work. CPR/AED/First Aid certified. I had always been while in the Military also. At work I declined the Hepatitis Shot Series (For Hep B) and had to sign some form saying I declined the shot. I eventually resigned when I learned even as a First Responder I wasn’t allowed to know who had what disease (HIV/HEP/ETC). Okay, you come up on a co-worker on the floor and need to give mouth-to-mouth or deal with some body fluids or possible Air-Borne Pathogens, but I’m not allowed to know if this person has some disease? Later, I’m out of here! I stopped taking any Flu shots since learning more of how the vaccine is cultured (in eggs, that’s why they ask if you are allergic to eggs). The HEP B vaccine was possibly cultured from Prisoners blood that could have had HIV. This all speculative, but so was coming up on someone in need of first Aid who has an unknown and undisclosed Medical Condition. If there any chances to be taken, I’ll call the shots when it comes to my Health, not the Government or Employer who isn’t forthcoming.


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September 29, 2009 at 6:40 pm

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